Land Development Specialist

Very few Real Estate Agents have the experience of the Gilezan Team in Land Development for our clients.  Gilezan Team has the knowledge to determine land’s best use.  Can the land be Single-Family, Multi-Family or Apartments?  Does the land have zero lot lines? Is the land best suited for Maintenance Free homes, Condos or Estate living?  Is Sewer and Water capacity available? How many units per acre?  What is the development costs?  Will Planning and Zoning approve the project? Do we need to rezone the land?  What are the soft and hard costs to develop the land?  Once the land has been developed how much will the retail value of the land be worth? Does the Developer have enough profit to just sell the developed land? Or will the developer also need to be the builder to make this land most profitable?

Gilezan Team has assisted our buyers in producing many Single-Family Residential Neighborhoods, Patio Home, Maintenance Free Living, Multi-family, Estate Lot, Office Parks, and Condominium Communities in Louisville KY, Jefferson County, Oldham County, Bullitt County and surrounding areas. Therefore, Gilezan Team is qualified to help you with your needs.

Furthermore, Gilezan Team has assisted in the transformation of non- producing communities into profitable neighborhoods by revamping the product and use of the land.

We have also converted failing condominium projects into rental projects.  We have also converted condominium projects into fee simple zoning.

In conclusion, through every step of the project Gilezan Team provides the necessary pro forma, due diligence, and support for the most profitability for our buyers.  For more information click here to see land currently for sale.  Also, here is a link to Gilezan Team Realty’s  commercial listings.   Check out one of Gilezan Team’s current developments Sanctuary Bluff a maintenance free living community.[sg_popup id=1]

Land Development

Land development of an Apartment Complex