Farm Specialist

Stephanie Gilezan – Farm Specialist!  Why? Because she was born and raised on a farm. Who better to help with the selling or buying of a farm than a farm girl herself. Growing up she was surrounded by cattle, horses, chickens, barns, gardens, apple orchards four board horse fencing and poll barns.  Not all Realtors understand the types and styles of land like Stephanie Gilezan does.  Just because you have acreage doesn’t mean it’s horse property.  It might be full of timber, marsh, too steep, too rocky, too hilly, or all of the above.  These are certainly not characteristics of farm property unless your livestock choice are goats and donkeys.

Horse Farms

Gilezan team understands barn construction, birthing stalls, limestone base, water trough systems, paddocks, electric fencing, riding arenas, run-in sheds, wood fencing, hay, fly spray systems and the value each of these are worth when pricing a farm.  Horse people always say the barn is more important than the home.  Horse people vary somewhat on the number of acres required for horses.  They recommend a horse per acre. However, if you have a horse that has to be left on its own you will need more than an acre per horse.

More Farms

Gilezan has represented more than just horse people.  We have buyers from all over wanting to purchase farms for miniature donkeys, sheep, dog breeding, cattle, pigs, and a mixture of all kinds.   Gilezan has represented all sizes and price points of farms in Jefferson County, Oldham County, Shelby County, Franklin County, Henry County, Trimble County and Bullitt County.

Check out Farms and Land Listings currently available for sale in Louisville KY and surrounding counties of all shapes, sizes and price points.

Furthermore, Stephanie Gilezan is ready will cowboy boots and a 4×4 to show you around some farms.


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